Upon confirmation of order and exchange of sales & purchase contracts, a whole series of back office events take place to ensure our customers receive products in a timely manner, including the correct quantity, quality and packaging.

In order to achieve this, Tristar Global has invested heavily in both people and IT infrastructure for maximum customer satisfaction. Tristar Global operates with material requirements planning (MRP) system and a quality management system (QMS) to ensure that customer requirements are fully satisfied.

Tristar Global’s operations are supported by carefully selected refineries, packing facilities and other external service providers encompassing logistics, freight forwarding, quality assurance and cargo inspection. All of whom, have appropriate certifications and qualifications.

For commercial activities, our partners include bankers, cargo insurers and shipping lines. The following pages showcase our supporting partners.

iBridgeERP Commodity Trading Risk Management

Tristar Global runs their operation using a suite of seamlessly integrated software modules developed by iBridgeERP which is a proven solution for this trade and industry. It was initiated to preserve our high levels of operational performance and customer service as the company continues to grow.

Through iBridgeERP, Tristar Global has better administrative and management control over all aspects of operations including Enquiries, Price Quotation, Contracts, Inventories, Documentation, Shipments, Deliveries, Invoicing, and Payments.

With this strengthened infrastructure, we operate more confidently than ever and have dramatically improved productivity. The system enables Tristar Global to provide the best possible service to our customers.



Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF)


Free On Board (FOB)


Delivered At Place (DAP)