Tristar Global is a Malaysian-based company founded in the year 2000. We supply Vegetable Oils, fats and their Derivatives products. Tristar has grown significantly over the years. Initially, the company only supplied to South Asian countries and is now proudly serving customers in over 60 countries covering Asia, The Americas, Europe and Africa.

Our main products are related to Palm Oil, Lauric Oils and Soft Oils. Applications cover both food and non-food uses. Food applications include Frying, Bakery , Confectionery and Milk Replacers. Non-food applications include Soap, Animal Feed, Palm Wax,  Surfactants, Biodiesel, and other Oleochemical products.

​Tristar Global is totally dedicated to serving both existing and future customers with the utmost professionalism. The company has been progressing organically, taking the long-term perspective by retaining customers and consistently seeking to add value to their businesses. By expanding the product range, Tristar Global has been able to effectively cater to a wider range of customers.

​We take pride in our delivery commitment, product quality, flexibility, cost-competitiveness and market intelligence as these are Tristar Global’s core strengths as well as identity. Tristar Global is licensed by the Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) to supply Palm Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Oleochemical and other related products.

Tristar Global is committed to quality and sustainability and is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and is RSPO Supply Chain certified. Further certifications are in the pipeline.


Tristar Global will leave no stone unturned when it comes to delivering solutions to customers’ needs with the best quality, cost-effective price and efficient, timely delivery solutions.

The long-term perspective

The success of Tristar Global is derived from nurturing long-term business relationship with all business partners. Our primary focus is to provide optimal service and solutions in all our business dealings. We endeavour to treat and respect our customers as we would ourselves

Confident & Cost-Competitive without compromising values

Through the effort of Tristar Global's exceptionally dedicated and experienced team, customers can enjoy our best value proposition, without compromise.
Keep us updated on your requirements to enable us to provide you with our best offer.

MANAGING DIRECTOR, Mr Divakaran Nadarajan

Mr. Divakaran Nadarajan has been Tristar Global’s Managing Director for almost two decades. He oversees and manage all corporate activities which include operations, documentation, shipments, trade, marketing and finance. He has 35 years of experience and worked his way through the industry from several major refineries. A passionate director that leads his team with diligence, integrity and sustainable approach.